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9502 Lake Street
Ellsworth, MI



Lunch on the Patio at Tapawingo

2008 Lunch & Dinner
in our Dining Room or on the Patio
Summer Lunches Begin June 24

Lunch: Tuesday thru Saturday, 11:30–2:00pm

Reservations begin at 5:30pm o
ffering a casual a la carte dinner menu as well as our tasting menu
Reservations: (231) 588-7971

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After an emotional decision process, I am announcing the closing of Tapawingo. The downward trend in our economy over the past few years has made it increasingly difficult to maintain the style and standards for which I have wanted Tapawingo to be known and remembered.
 I am very grateful for all the loyal regulars who have supported Tapawingo for the past 25 years, and I am especially thankful for all my friends and associates, many of them, a core local staff that have taken so much pride in the restaurant. They have been the continuity that made it possible to maintain a restaurant of quality and creativity. I am greatly beholden to them all.
  I have never tired of driving down that gravel driveway into Tapawingo, whether observing the gardens and the lake, or that winter mound of snow in the parking lot I called Mt. Ellsworth. I have been very fortunate to have called that my home and workplace for all these years.
  I would love to see the restaurant continue, and I do think that it is possible. I would be happy to help “transition” some tenacious/creative person into a renewed Tapawingo with, perhaps, a more casual menu and limited season.
  If anyone has an interest in acquiring the restaurant as a business, or for a private residence, feel free to send a message to me at: tapdining@tapawingo.net
 Again, I am sincerely grateful to those who appreciated and supported the twenty-five years of Tapawingo.
Chef/Owner, Chef "Pete" Peterson